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New microsite launched to showcase Aura student accommodation investment

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Experience Invest has launched a new microsite that showcases Aura – our highest yielding student property investment located in Liverpool’s Knowledge Quarter. From investment news, project highlights, detailed interactive maps and a full image gallery, the microsite showcases the Aura student accommodation investment. Explore the microsite of Aura student development Liverpool… Student property investment Liverpool Liverpool has emerged as one of the best places to invest in student accommodation. With a shortfall of 21,900 managed beds, the student accommodation investment market in Liverpool is booming. In recent years, student numbers in the city have increased to almost 60,000 and this number is forecast to rise in the upcoming academic year. 60% of people who move to Liverpool look to stay in student accommodation and there is ample space for the city’s student accommodation investment market to grow. Liverpool has a very attractive market for this type of asset class and there is a fair few student accommodation investment opportunities available however, not all student developments offer stable returns.   Aura Student Development, Liverpool Student accommodation investment yields are some of the highest in the property market when compared to traditional buy-to-let options. Aura contains a selection of luxury en-suite student bedrooms (sometimes referred to as student pods) which, upon completion, will deliver an 8.5% NET return per annum for an assured 5-year period. Designed with the competitive nature of the market in mind, this luxury student accommodation investment contains a whole host of onsite amenities that will appeal to the student market year after year. The inclusion of high-speed internet and Wi-Fi, large social areas containing comfortable seating, pool tables and entertainment, a fully equipped gym and yoga space, on-site laundry facilities, large meeting/study areas, 24/7 CCTV and an on-site management team, will all help to make the development stand […]

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Location focus: Top places in the UK to invest in rental properties

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When it comes to cities that have become cornerstones of the UK’s private rented sector, and its growth in popularity over the last few years. One of the stars of the Northern Powerhouse, West Yorkshire’s largest city has welcomed a wave of new investment and new demand from both students and young professionals over the last few years, which has helped swell the rented market, and welcomed far more investment than ever before.  In the last few years, new developments towards the south of the city centre, including around the docks and canal, have seen swathes of new young professionals coming to the trendy parts of Leeds, while the northern end towards Headingley has helped to welcome more and more students to new purpose-built properties. But why has Leeds become such a fantastic place to invest in a relatively short space of time for the buy-to-let market? Experience Invest takes a look at just a few reasons why the city has experienced such a fantastic boost. New business The north has been the real hub of growth for young businesses in new sectors over the past few years, and nowhere is this more true than in Leeds. The city has seen thousands of startup companies call it home in recent times, particularly in sectors such as legal, digital and marketing. Whenever new sectors come to a city in this way, it can provide a real boost for property demand. New business types means a need for different skills than previously required in the city, and this can facilitate more people moving to the area to populate new jobs. In turn, this swells demand for rental property, and makes the city a fantastic place for people to invest. Student numbers Leeds is home to two main universities – Leeds Beckett and […]

More investment needed in the property market

More investment needed in the property market as rental homes fall in number

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A greater level of investment could be needed to help bolster an already strong private rented sector across the UK. Despite continued high levels of demand from tenants across all the UK’s major cities, new reports show a decline in available stock over the last few years. This could open the door for all new ways of investing in the rental market, with the sector likely to benefit from further activity in the Build to Rent branch of property, where stock is built specifically with the rental sector in mind. Build to Rent gives the private market the chance to build on a larger scale than other property types, bringing more new homes to market in a shorter space of time than we have seen in the past. The drop in available rental stock will come as something of a surprise, given how well the sector has performed for investors over the past decade or so, as well as how many people now choose to rent rather than owning their own property. But according to a study carried out by, in the period between July 2011 and June 2017, there has been a drop of some 11.6 per cent in available rental homes. Some areas of the UK are worse hit than others, with the report stating that in Scotland, there has been a fall amounting to some 34.7 per cent, but the fact that there has been such a substantial drop in stock across the nation on average will be cause for concern for the rented sector. Wales also saw a marked drop in the number of properties being available for rent, and while there were smaller declines across England, the fact remains that seven of the 11 regions across the UK did experience falling stock levels over […]

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Experience Invest Review: New Challenges for Buy-to-Let Landlords

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Experience Invest Review how you can safeguard your buy-to-let portfolio in light of changes to the UK’s residential property market. 2017 has presented new challenges for buy-to-let landlords and with Brexit and the current economic climate under discussion, the future of the market place has been under discussion. Unlike other videos about the challenges buy-to-let landlords are facing, this Experience Invest Review outlines ways you can safeguard your property portfolio. Watch this Experience Invest Review for a quick and easy guide to property in the UK today. Experience Invest Review   Don’t believe the hype Brexit is not the doom and gloom scenario the newspapers will have you believe. In fact, a report from Investec shows that people from overseas are still buying UK property despite the current economic uncertainty.Jerald Solis, Business Development and Acquisitions Director, Experience Invest said, “Brexit has not been the negative story everybody will have you believe. There are certainly, from the property market’s perspective, a lot of positives. Certainly, with regards to the initial impact, there was a dip but in terms of the currency fluctuations, the devalued pound has actually made UK property more appealing to overseas investors. Demand vs supply Despite the government’s promise to build over 200,000 new homes per year, there is a huge undersupply of property in the UK which has underpinned the UK’s buy-to-let market for many years.Land Registry has reported than the average price of UK property was up 4.1% year-on-year in March 2017. As house prices continue to rise, many renters have been priced out of homeownership. A high demand for good quality rental homes has helped to keep the UK’s buy-to-let market buoyant. “Property investment has been a really good investment for many years now in the UK and on the basis that demand looks like […]

Experience Invest Aura Liverpool

Experience Invest Launches High Yielding Property Investment Aura, Liverpool

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Experience Invest has launched its latest high yielding opportunity in Liverpool’s flourishing Knowledge Quarter. Aura Student is a great opportunity to invest in Liverpool’s thriving Knowledge Quarter and receive a regular passive income of 8.5% NET per annum, assured for 5 years. Aura will become one of the most desirable places for students to live in Liverpool’s city centre. The very high specification of the building, as well as the interior design of the rooms and communal areas, will be second to none. Watch video and see inside Aura Liverpool Student Accommodation.   Student property in Liverpool’s Knowledge Quarter Aura is a 2 min walk from the Royal University Hospital, a 3 min walk from Liverpool Hope University and a 4 min walk from the University of Liverpool. The Knowledge Quarter is the city’s hub of education. It is an area which is undergoing a bold, £1 billion transformation aimed at improving education facilities, transportation and the local economy. With 57,000 students, Liverpool has one of the largest student populations in the UK. A 20.2% increase in applications to study at the University of Liverpool for the 2016 academic year and a 22% over-subscribed rate shows the demand from students who wish to study in Liverpool is very strong. It is also thought that the city’s knowledge economy will expand by 15% by 2020 (Liverpool Mayoral Student Accommodation Review, September 2015). The current shortfall of 21,900 manged bed spaces within the Liverpool postal district’s higher education market makes now a great time to invest in Liverpool student property. Invest in Experience Invest Aura Fully managed by urbanbubble, Aura is a hands-off investment opportunity which will generate a regular rental income. For more information about Experience Invest Aura contact us on +44 (0)207 834 1113 or email for more information […]

UK Build to Rent

BPF pledges longer tenancies and higher market supply for Build to Rent

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The British Property Federation (BPF) has pledged to improve the rental market through the UK Build to Rent sector, which has the potential to become the major player in the sector over the next few years. In a move which housing minister Gavin Barwell has called “great news”, the BPF said it will make more homes available, as well as longer periods of tenancy. Drafted in line with the targets that were set out as part of the government’s latest white paper on housing, the pledge from the BPF and 20 major parties with an interest in the UK Build to Rent sector says it will “demonstrate the sector’s commitment to providing three-year tenancies and working with government to ensure the sector can play its part in rolling back 20 years of housing undersupply”. Two of the major benefits that will come from the pledge will include longer tenancies. This is something that the rental market will welcome in general, as it offers better security in the long term.     Now that people are more open to living in rental homes for longer periods, as opposed to simply seeing them as a stop gap until they can afford to buy, longer tenancies are preferable, because they allow people to see their rented property as a home. It’s something that has been on the cards for some time in rented homes, but a pledge from an organisation such as the BPF should help to make this a reality by normalising longer tenancies. Landlords welcome longer tenancies  as they help to reduce void periods.   Ian Fletcher, the BPF’s director of real estate policy, said: “The Build-to-Rent sector welcomes the government’s multi-tenure ambitions for the housing market, as outlined in the recent Housing White Paper, and this pledge underlines one of […]

More investors looking to offset tax changes by purchasing as 'company landlords'

More investors looking to offset tax changes by purchasing as ‘company landlords’

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Over the last couple of years, investors in the UK’s private rented sector have faced change after change in terms of the hoops they have to jump through in buying and maintaining stock. Time and again, the government has moved the goalposts for investors in rental property, adding higher taxes for purchasing and removing some of the benefits that come with being a buyer. However, the strength of the market means that landlords have not simply opted to back away from the thriving rented sector, and are instead continuing to look for new ways to invest that can save them money. One of the most popular tactics in this regard involves becoming a company landlord where investors register themselves as a limited company before buying. It’s a strategy that allows buyers to make their operation more tax efficient, and it has been increasing in popularity for some time. And although there were no savings to be made in last year’s Stamp Duty shake up, it’s believed that owners can save on the mortgage tax relief rules change that came into effect on April 6th 2017. This caused a swell in investment from buyers registered as limited companies in the early part of the year, and according to the latest report from Countrywide, as of the end of Quarter One of this year, 20 per cent of the homes to rent in the UK are now owned by company landlords as opposed to traditional individuals. It means that the volume of owners of UK rental property who purchased through a limited company has jumped to its highest level since records began in 2010, while the four per cent rise recorded in the first three months of this year represents the fastest climb experienced in the UK since it first started growing in […]

Buy to Rent

Regions overtake London in Build to Rent construction

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The number of Build to Rent homes under construction across the UK’s regions is nearly double that to London, says research from the British Property Federation (BPF). The sector – featuring purpose-built, professionally managed rented homes – is currently experiencing a boost in activity across the UK, with Manchester and Salford collectively home to the most new rented homes under construction outside of London. According to the BPF, this shows the first evidence of momentum for the Build to Rent sector outside the capital, which recently received proposed recognition in the National Planning Policy Framework, set out in the government’s Housing White Paper. The BPF said that the real estate industry has welcomed the government support, which, it added, should ensure that local authorities can better prepare for Build to Rent in their local plans. Although the regions are performing well, the research has shown that London continues to see the strongest long-term figures, with 38,648 Build to Rent homes either complete, under construction or in planning, compared to 31,176 in the regions. Investors driving the sector have found that achieving scale is a significant challenge, said the BPF. Its research has revealed that although there is room for real improvement, Build to Rent developments are typically increasing in size. The BPF added that a total of 24 developments currently in planning are set to deliver more than 500 new rented homes each, compared to completed developments, which, up until now, have mostly delivered under 100 homes each. Ian Fletcher, director of real estate policy at the BPF, said: “While the government now better recognises that we need a housing sector firing on all cylinders across the UK, our data is a timely reminder of Build to Rent’s contribution to solving the housing crisis. “This research will further professionalise the […]

Solving the Tedious Process of Conveyancing with the Property Lawyers

Solving the Tedious Process of Conveyancing with the Property Lawyers

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If you are going to transfer the legal authority of your property to some other party in the UK, then make sure that you enter a smooth and cost-effective conveyancing process. However, conveyancing is a complex process which is required while transferring ownership of a property from owner to the buyer, it includes all the services which might take a huge chunk of your time. But as online firms are providing the conveyancing services, the is no need to rush from client to clients and deal with legal documents. Property lawyers in the UK provide all the updates regarding the settlement of property ownership and provide information through emails or calls.  However, these property lawyers in the UK are licensed and highly talented while making the conveyancing a peaceful process for the clients. Generally, the role of the property lawyers in the UK is to act on the behalf of a buyer or a seller, while handling all the things that are linked with a property investment. In fact, they take the cases, analyses the requirement seriously and take the right steps to make it successful. Hence people often think it is a good idea to take the guidance of property lawyers in the UK and enjoy their property investment with a reliable conveyancing service. Nowadays, there are a lot of property lawyers in the UK that specialize in conveyancing. They have knowledge in fulfilling the client’s requirement and eventually helping them to get a good investment. However, the best property lawyers in the UK are helping many and one can easily seek advice from them on the related property matters. Hence, we can say that the conveyancing process becomes no more a tedious work with the support of the property lawyers in the UK.

Rental increases

How will tax changes affect the rental market in 2017?

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What will buy to let tax changes mean for landlords and renters? This year, the rental market in the UK is set to undergo yet another change, when in April, the government introduces its new rules on income tax relief, but how will it affect those buying in the UK, and do new statistics show a worrying lack of knowledge within the sector? The new changes set to affect investors in the rental market will largely centre around income tax. Essentially, those who own rental properties will no longer be able to deduct mortgage interest from their taxable income before submitting returns. It’s a move which may make it more expensive for those who own rental homes, with experts speculating that this could cause a negative effect in the sector, with a greater number of landlords raising rents to compensate. Read advice on the buy to let tax changes from 10 industry experts. Read more…  But how badly will buy to let landlords be affected? According to a newly published property investor survey from Mortgages for Business, around a third believe they will be affected under the new rules. Some 60 per cent believe that income tax rule changes will punish them and affect their income, while 29 per cent said that they do not believe they will suffer. One of the big questions, however, at the moment, is just how much do investors actually know about these changes? And is there still a problem in the sector with regards to knowledge about such new rules? The Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) recently published a study that suggests this is not the case. Despite the fact that the majority of people will have to at the very least seek advice and look at their own portfolios as the changes come […]