Birmingham Named UK’s Best Property Investment Hotspot: Experience Invest

Birmingham Named UK’s Best Property Investment Hotspot

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You’ve reached the Experience Invest blog, where we work hard to let you know the latest UK residential and commercial property sector news. Today, we can reveal that new data suggests Birmingham has now displaced London to become the UK’s best property investment hotspot, while the north pf England’s market is booming. Moving away from London Traditionally, investors tend to flock to the London property sector. The city’s thriving economy has allowed it to develop the biggest real estate market in Europe, but analysis conducted by property website Rightmove in 2015 showed it might be getting too large. High demand for London residential property, coupled with cheap mortgages and a lack of accessible homes, could end up driving average house prices in the UK capital past the £1 million mark. Rightmove suggested that this has caused potential property investors to migrate ‘Up North.’ Our investment property expert, Dale Anderson, explained to business new site Huddled that buy-to-let and student investments are booming in northern cities right now. Anderson believes Manchester is arguably the best place in the North to invest. He explains: “East and North Manchester have good rental yields and good low price properties,” and describes the Manchester market as being “ideally placed for more development, which is set to happen in the next few years.” London slips down the rankings The latest ‘Emerging Trends in Real Estate Report’ from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and the Urban Land Institute (ULI) shows that London is no longer the best UK city for property investment. PwC and ULI collected interviews with more than 500 developers, investors and property managers across Europe to compile the report, which is designed to predict future European property market trends. London has consistently ranked as one of the top ten best cities in Europe for property investment every […]